Sway to The Tunes in A Chic Outfit at The Bar – Dress to Kill

Are you hitting a bar this evening at Orlando wondering what to wear? Going to a bar with friends is all about having fun and making memories. It could be a casual weekend plan, birthday/ bachelorette party or after-office party. Be it any occasion the dressing up part has limitless options which leaves you all the more clueless on which one to choose.

Are you hosting a private party in American Social in Orlando, Florida? If you are dropping by there for lip-smacking Sunday brunch/ happy hours/ dinner all you have to do is put together chic outfit which we are going to help you with. Regardless of whether you are going the off-beaten way and visiting an antique dingy joint or an elite bar, your outfit should strike a balance between style and comfort.

The basics of planning an outfit for bar:

For women:

  • Before you plan your outfit check the weather beforehand. If you are planning to visit a couple of bars and the weather forecast says it is going to be snowy or rainy, wear appropriate clothing and footwear. If it is going to be a wet night, stick to those flat non-slip shoes and carry a warm coat.
  • Would you be walking around a lot? If that is the case, avoid stilettos. You don’t want to end the day with aching feet. No one is going to be checking out your shoes. Always choose comfort over style.
  • Women can ditch their massive tote. The last thing you want is knocking someone’s drinks with your purse. A huge purse is uncomfortable to carry around in a pub too.
  • If the weather is cold bring out your leather skirt, flat ankle boots and a pullover sweater. Since leather is the perfect go-to fabric for pubs, you could also pair your favourite top with leather leggings or with denim pants/skirt.

For men:

Even if you are aiming for a casual look, don’t go for something too casual. Women like it if you’ve put extra efforts. Pair a slim fit shirt with your jean and loafers or brogues. Remember to always pair your shirt with equally smart shoes. If you are visiting a lounge bar, trainers work fine. Depending on the weather you can choose an appropriate jacket -Coach Jackets for spring, leather for autumn and shearlings for winter. If you are heading to the bar straight from office, open up your blazer and unbutton a couple of buttons.

It is better to be overdressed than going under dressed. Dress chic and rock the dance floor.