How to Plan Food and Beverages for an Event?

It can be challenging for anyone to plan the right amount of food and drinks for their party. The food and drinks are one of the most important elements to throwing a successful party. You have innumerous things to plan such as how much food to order, how many drinks to serve, how many servers would be required, etc. It is always better to seek help from professionals who ensure a successful party, then tying it out on your own.

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Tips for conference food and beverage planning

The following are some rules you could follow whilst planning your own event to make sure that the whole event goes right.

  • Understand your event and your audience – You need to know the type of event and the kind of audience that is going to be a part of it. Is the event formal, or cultural, or religious? How many people are expected to show up? You can plan the kind of food and the menu according to these questions’ answers.
  • Time and numbers are crucial – Venues that will host your venue need a guarantee of about 48 to 72 hours before your event about the number of attendees, and the number of meals. The amount of food required and people attending can vary by up to 5%.
  • How much to order – You need the right estimation to measure the amount of food and beverage that you will need. The amount of food and beverages also depends on the kind of event. 

For breakfast, you will need more tea and coffee, and fewer snacks, whereas for lunch, you would need more food such as buffets. Furthermore, a nighttime event would require more drinks and alcohol, when compared to a day time event.

  • Leftovers – There will be leftovers from the food you serve. You can make the decision to donate food to homeless shelters. Furthermore, you could also distribute it amongst the staff at the party.


The above-mentioned tips can prove helpful when planning any kind of food-related event. The key to any successful event is careful planning.